20mm Vegan Watch Straps

Vegan friendly & sustainable 22mm watch bands. Our durable watch straps also come in a range of sizes and will fit your own brand watch as well as our Hurtig Lane models. Cruelty free, ethical and long-lasting watch bands!

At Hurtig Lane we love animals and therefore we don't wear them. Everything in our store is cruelty-free & ethical. Born in Barcelona, we are a sustainable fashion focused venture, spirited by minimalist style and quality design. We have a huge collection of watch bands in cruelty free leather, suede, tweed, rubber, nylon and mesh! Our vegan leather and suede watch straps have quick-release pins meaning you can change your watch straps in sections without needing a tool!

Our bands are compatible with most watch models such as Citizen, Bulova, Second, Casio, Radley, Seiko, Seksy, Daniel Wellington and Sekonda. As long as your timepiece takes a 10mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm or 22mm strap our straps will be compatible! Read our full guide here on how to measure your strap size to be sure that you are purchasing the correct size for your timepiece. 

Our vegan leather straps are all branded with our cruelty free logo and have quick release pins so that you can  change your straps with ease in just seconds! Our watch bands can be worn on the current model of watch that you own too without needing to use tools!

Durable yet soft and long-lasting. Change your old watch band to a new kinder alternative today!

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Gone are the days when animal leather symbolised quality. It is our mission and passion to show how the ethical, sustainable alternative is both beautiful and strong. Our watch straps have been designed with quality in mind. Built to be long lastingsustainable and cruelty free. Made from recycled plastics our straps are not only durable and strong, they are kinder on the planet.

Our 10mm straps fit the Amalfi watch collection. These 10mm  bands will also fit many other watch brands such as Fossil, Gucci and any other watch brand which takes a 10mm strap. 

Our 16mm straps fit the Hurtig Lane Neliö collection. They will also fit other watch brands such as MVMT, Cluse, Adidas, Lacoste and Armani. 

Our 18mm straps will fit any watches which fit an 18mm strap. You can read our measurement guide here

Our 20mm bands fit our Mykonos, Hymnal and Lorelai watches. This is a really popular size and will fit many other watch brands such as Diesel, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Aviator and Nixon. Plus many many more!

Absolutely! As long as we have the size that you need our watch straps will fit most watch styles. Please note that some watches are not compatible with easy release pins, if you are not sure please get in touch with our team at info@hurtiglane.com

Our vegan leather, suede and tweed straps all have easy release pins. These straps clip on and off without needing any tool at all. 

Amalfi watches strap size 10mm 

Neliö watches strap size 16mm 

Mykonos watches strap size 20mm

Hymnal watches strap size 20mm 

Moderno and Moderna strap size 20mm

The leather industry is highly profitable with cow skin being one of the most valuable parts of the animal.  This means that animals are being killed in the name of fashion.

A deeply disturbing PETA investigation revealed that leather used to make small items such as watch straps found that  an estimated 2 million cats and dogs are killed annually for their skins! 

Gone are the days when animal leather symbolised quality. Our vegan leather watch straps are beautifully crafted and designed to be long lasting. Our straps have been designed with durability in mind. Built to be long lasting, sustainable and cruelty free. Make the switch from animal leather to vegan leather today!

Our vegan watch straps will fit nearly all watch brands. The most popular brands that our watch straps fit are Citzen, Sekonda, Casio, Seiko, Seksy, Rotary, Bulova, Daniel Wellington, Cluse, Radley and Lorus. If you are not sure what size watch strap you need, send us an email to info@hurtiglane.com 

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