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Welcome to Hurtig Lane's Vegan Verve blog, your ultimate destination for the modern, ethical individual striving to live a lifestyle that harmoniously combines style, beauty, and wellness without sacrificing compassion. Vegan Verve serves as a rich and engaging resource, sharing knowledge, inspiration, and stories on all facets of ethical, sustainable, and cruelty-free living. Join us as we delve into a mindful world of fashion-forward trends, eco-conscious beauty tips, and thought-provoking lifestyle discussions that empower and enlighten those seeking to make a positive impact on our planet. Embark on this journey with us to create a stylish, compassionate, and sustainable future.

vegan watch straps

Replacement vegan watch straps

All of our watch straps are 100% animal friendly and made using recycled and sustainable materials. Our straps are available in 10,16,18,20 and 22mm and will fit both Hurtig Lane watches and are compatible with nearly all other watch brands.

vegan makeup brushes

Vegan Makeup Brushes

Beautiful individual brushes and sets of cruelty-free and sustainable makeup tools. Hand crafted brushes made from environmentally friendly wood or bamboo with recycled aluminium and soft synthetic bristles. Read our full guide here to discover how to make the best use of each brush!

bee necklace gold

Bee Lovely Jewellery

Inspired by the understated beauty of the Bumblebee, our Bee Lovely jewellery features delicate sterling silver pieces with platinum and 18k gold plating. Our collection from our sister brand Wild Bee Jewelry includes necklaces, bracelets and earrings you can be sure to add sparkle to any outfit! Profits donated to the Bee Conservation Trust.

australian pink clay mask

Australian Pink Clay Face Mask

Our Australian Pink Clay Mask draws out toxins, impurities and helps to reduce the appearance of pores and all whist locking in moisture! Australian Pink Clay is collagen boosting and a natural antioxidant. Discover brighter, clearer skin today!



Proud to be ethical!

We are a small female-owned PETA approved Vegan business and our mission is to offer exquisite wristwatches and accessories that do no harm—to animals, the environment, or your style. Our dedicated clientele values our commitment to planet-friendly materials, animal welfare, and the allure of high fashion, making us a beacon for eco-conscious individuals worldwide.

Ethical & sustainable watches

Looking for a watch to compliment your style without compromising on animal welfare and the environment? Look no further! Beautiful sustainable watches for men and women

Cactus Leather Straps: An Ethical & Green Choice

Dive into the future of fashion with our cactus leather watch straps, a testament to our innovative approach to sustainability. This material is not just an eco-friendly alternative to animal leather and synthetics; it's a durable, elegant, and compassionate choice for the discerning customer. Our cactus leather straps are available in an extensive range of sizes, including 10mm, 18mm, 20mm, and 22mm, ensuring a perfect fit for every wrist and watch. Embrace the blend of luxury and sustainability with our versatile strap options.

Sustainability is at the heart of our products 

Hurtig Lane aims to protect both our planet and the animals living on it. We continue to explore new innovative ways to remain sustainable and eco-friendly. We are always striving to do our best to create a product that inflicts no harm to animals and as little to the environment as possible.
Our makeup brushes are made with bamboo, wood and recycled aluminium. Our Vegan leather straps are made from recycled plastic bottles and cotton fibres. We also removed ALL plastic from our packaging and have opted for recycled paper and cardboard instead. Our Cactus leather watch straps are vastly more sustainable than animal or PU leather.

Vegan & cruelty free makeup brushes 

Beautiful, ethical, hand crafted ethical makeup brushes made from sustainable wood and bamboo. Find the perfect brush for your eyes, cheeks & face. Our cruelty-free brushes are sold individually and in full sets. If you are not sure which makeup brush you need, then read our full guide here

Vegan friendly replacement watch straps

Our cruelty-free watch bands are durable yet soft and long lasting. Our watch straps are available in 10, 16. 18 , 20 and 22mm. Change your old watch band to a new cruelty free alternative today! Compatible with most watch models such as Citizen, Bulova, Second, Casio, Radley, seiko, Seksy, Daniel Wellington and Sekonda. Read our full guide on how to measure your watch strap size to be sure that you are purchasing the size that will fit your watch. We have stainless steel, nylon, vegan leather, suede, tweed and rubber watch straps. Many of our watch straps have quick release pins, meaning that you can swap your straps in a matter of seconds!

Giving Back: A Core Part of Our Mission

Hurtig Lane is more than a brand; we're a force for positive change. Our commitment to giving back is woven into our fabric, with specific initiatives that have touched lives and made a tangible difference. We've proudly supported the local cat feeding program, ensuring stray and abandoned cats receive the care they need. Our contributions to food banks have helped provide essential nourishment to those in need within our community. Read about our giving back initiatives here.

Solid Silver Bee Jewellery 

Our Bee Lovely jewellery collection includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets made from 100% recycled silver with 18k gold and platinum plating. Inspired by the humble Bumblebee our jewellery makes the perfect give for the bee lover in your life! We are proud to be donating 10% of profits of this collection to the Bee Conservation Trust. Delicate accessories to compliment your style.

Join the Hurtig Lane Movement

Choosing Hurtig Lane means embracing a lifestyle of ethical elegance and proactive sustainability. We invite you to explore our collections and join a community dedicated to making a difference—one watch, one strap, one charitable act at a time. With Hurtig Lane, fashion is not just about looking good; it's about doing good, too.