What is Leather?

Leather is animal skin often used to create fashion items such as handbags, belts, watch straps and jackets.

It cannot be argued that the animal skin industry is unethical but many believe that animal skin leather is a byproduct of the dairy and meat industry, and a simply a way to avoid waste. Sadly the leather industry is highly profitable with cow skin being one of the most valuable parts of the animal.  This means that animals are being killed in the name of fashion.  If you’re wearing leather, it most likely came from China, the world’s top leather exporter.

A deeply disturbing PETA investigation revealed that in addition to the cattle, sheep, and other animals who are killed for leather in that country each year, an estimated 2 million cats and dogs are killed annually for their skins. Vegan leather is a beautiful alternative to the cruel animal skin industry. 

What is Hurtig Lane Vegan Leather made from?

The Hurtig Lane vegan leather range are made using polyurethane (PU) which is far superior to PVC.

PU is completely breathable unlike PVC so your skin can breathe easy when you are wearing your Hurtig Lane watch.

PU is far less toxic to produce than PVC and is therefore much more environmentally friendly.

Our Mykonos and Amalfi Vegan leather straps are all lovingly branded with our cruelty free logo and include clip release pins so that you can alternate straps with ease when you want to change your look without needing to use a tool.  All of our straps are available with Rose Gold, Gold, Silver or Black buckles to perfectly compliment your cruelty free watch. 

Enjoy ethical, vegan and animal friendly fashion!


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